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Hilong has seen more than 10 years of development, extending horizontally into drilling, mining, and transmission of petroleum and natural gas development, with the Group now involved in onshore and offshore oil services, oilfield equipment, and tubing technology and services. At the same time, Hilong has comprehensively developed vertically, expanding its petroleum tube coating, hardbanding and other supporting services. The Group has also developed petroleum tube coating materials, hardbanding welding wire, drill pipe fittings, petroleum tubing and other key upstream industry materials, as well as professional research institutes focused on petroleum tubing, petrochemical, and offshore petroleum engineering.
Hilong Group has developed into an organization with extensive geographic coverage. Professional industry enterprises and research institutes in fields such as oilfield equipment, tube technology and services, and offshore petroleum engineering are primarily concentrated in Shanghai and Jiangsu within the Yangtze River Delta.
The Group has also established production bases in Tianjin, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Northeast China, and Sichuan.
Oil services, core product manufacturing, petroleum investment, and domestic and overseas trade and cooperation have all been expanded into regions including America (North & South), the Middle East, Russia, and Asia-Pacific.