Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. (the “Company”), a company incorporated and valid existing under the law of China, an IADC member, a subsidiary of the Hilong Holding Limited which is listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on April 21st, 2011. The Company is committed to providing customers at home and abroad with oil engineering technologies and services. The Company is incorporated on July 2008 with a registered capital of RMB 80 million, with its headquartered is located in the core area of the Beijing Central Business District .

Hilong Group of Companies, its parent company, a large industrial group engaged in the oil and gas business, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in April 2011. As an IADC member, Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. is focused on onshore drilling and workover engineering operations, oil engineering and technical services, and the export of casing pipes and other pipes all over the world.
As an international drilling contractor, the Company is well versed in the oil and gas business and has been engaged in overseas operations for many years. At present, it has 15 drilling and workover rigs operating in Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Nigeria, Colombia, Pakistan, and many other countries, providing high quality services for world-famous oil companies like Shell, Emerald, PAM, Andes, Rio Napo, Schlumberger, Talisman, and KOR. The Company has also set up local subsidiaries and branches in many countries and regions.
The onshore drilling and workover operations and engineering and technical services provided by the Company include directional drilling, horizontal drilling, cementing, coring, under-balanced drilling, drilling (completion) fluid, protection and transformation of oil and gas wells, oil equipment assembling and testing, the import and export of oil pipes and other oil equipment parts, among other services.
The Company is divided into 13 departments with delineated functions: The General Manager's Office, Human Resources Department, Marketing Development Department, Production & Operations Department, Safety, Quality Control and Environment Protection Department, Technology Development Department, Drilling Fluid Technology Department, Equipment Management Department, Equipment Assembling Center, Trade Department, Logistics Department, Finance and Business Management Department, and Contract Department. In line with actual need, the Company will consider establishing subsidiaries, branches, or project departments at home or abroad so as to achieve unified and efficient management.