Shanghai BoTeng Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai BoTeng Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of drill pipe hardbanding wires and the application equipments.

BoTn is famous for a complete series of high performance anti-wear & friction-reduction hardbanding wires, BoTn1000,BoTn3000 and BoTn5000.All of the three wires have gone through the tests by Stress Engineering Service Mohr Engineering Division project laboratory and Bodycote Materials Testing Inc. Laboratory in the United States and Xi’an Maurer Petroleum Engineering Laboratory. The tests results prove that the materials have perfect performance of anti-wear and friction-reduction under downhole conditions.
BoTn materials have been widely used in both China and overseas markets and have gained full recognition by the customers. With the application of the BoTn hardbanding, tool joints life has been greatly prolonged, thus the average lifespan of drill pipes are prolonged accordingly.
BoTn hardbanding wires has passed NS-1 products auditing and approval.
With the increasing demand on deeper and longer extend drilling, the company is always ready to develop more advanced hardbanding materials to adapt to the requirements by the customers.

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