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Established on March 2, 2017 at 6 Grouhor Street, Kedrovy, Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region of Russia, Hilong Petroleum Pipeline Service (Surgut) LLC (hereafter referred to as Hilong-Surgut) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hilong-Rus, mainly engaged in coating service business, drilling tool repair, and other relevant business.

Hilong-Surgut plans to invest 450 million roubles with planned production capacity of 1.5 million meters / year, and annual output value of 480 million roubles. As the main oil producing region in Russia, Surgut is also the ultimate destination of linepipes. The plant built in Surgut can meet the needs of the current coating market and provide better services to oilfield production operation; effectively increase the tax revenue for the local government, and contribute to solving the problem of local employment; play an important role in establishing Hilong Group as a corporate brand in the oil region, and promoting the coating market of Hilong. Hilong-Surgut is expected to be formally put into operation in December 2017.
Due to the excellent performance of Hilong's Russian team in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Hilong Group of Companies is elected as the representative of outstanding private enterprises. On the 12th "Two Sessions" of 2016, Hilong Group of Companies introduced and promoted its experience in market investment and factory operation in Russia.