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Shenglong Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenglong Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Technology Co., Ltd is a professional inspection technology service company which provides pipeline in-Line inspection, pipeline external coating inspection and recovery, pipeline Cathodic Protection(CP) inspection and evaluation, pipeline remote-measuring system of Cathodic Protection(CP), pipeline inspection and evaluation of corrosion defect.

The establishment of Shenglong Inspection is based on Shanghai Hilong Petroleum Tubular Goods Research Centre and introduction of advanced inspection technology and infrastructure from cooperation with NDT System & Service. The company possesses the accreditation certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) on inspection bodies and laboratories, China’s Industrial Anti-corrosion Construction Class A Qualification and Safety Certificate, and it’s also an authorized member of Failure Analysis Institution of CMES(Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society).
Shenglong Inspection has state-of-the-art PCM (Pipeline Current Mapping) Pipeline External Coating Inspection Instrument, SCM-Stray Current Measuring Instrument, Pipeline Remote-measuring System of CP and Material Inspection Laboratory. Equipped with the advanced Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and Ultrasonic Technology (UT) in-line inspection tools, employees has received professional technical training from NDT, while experts from NDT reside in China to participate in service project and work together to complete each inspection work.
Shenglong Inspection employs well-known domestic and international top talents with extensive experience in the Oil and Gas Industry especially in Pipeline Inspection. These specialists have participated in numerous inspection projects for Pipeline Operators around the world. Since1965 , the total inspection performed using either MFL and/or UT technologies have exceeded 1,000,000km globally as well as Pipeline Cathodic Protection(CP) and Pipeline comprehensive inspection exceeded 5800km. The company has strong technical force, complete professional support and impeccable quality control system. Headquartered in Shanghai and with office in Beijing.
The company continuously summarizes scientific theories in the pipeline inspection practice and constantly improve the level of inspection technology and staff technical capacity under the guidance of the science and technology principles. Shenglong Inspection aims to provide excellent pipeline inspection service for oil and gas operator in China, and to make more contribution to oil and gas pipeline integrity management and development.