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Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering Services(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering Services(Shanghai)Co,.Ltd.(hereinafter the "Hilong Offshore") is a high-tech company under Hilong Group of Companies, specializing in offshore engineering technology. Hilong Offshore provides full-scale engineering design, simulation analysis, technical support and a variety of engineering construction services to oil and gas industry.

Hilong Offshore team has great strength in the analysis, design and installation of a variety of offshore projects, including fixed platform structures, topside module structures, FPSO/FLNG, offshore pipelines and offshore pipe laying, etc. The core members of the company have won excellent reputation in the field of overseas offshore engineering and have been recognized by famous overseas clients such as Total, BP, BG, Shell, Statoil, Exxon Mobile, etc.
To promote Hilong offshore engineering business, Hilong has recently purchased the “Hilong-106” pipe laying vessel .which is one of the most powerful pipe laying vessels in China. The vessel offers worldwide offshore engineering services in a range of less than 300m water depth .It provides an importantly alternative choice for international offshore engineering markets.