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Shanghai Hilong Special Steel Pipe Manufacture Co., Ltd.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hilong Group of Companies, Shanghai Hilong Special Steel Pipe Manufacture Co., Ltd mainly provides specialized concrete weighted coating (CWC) service. Founded in January 2009, the company occupies 100 mu of land, and is located in the Shanghai Baoshan Industrial Zone.

The company owns international advanced concrete weighted production line and production technique, and boasts professional management personnel and technological personnel. The company’s CWC coating method adopts world leading spray coating. Maximum spraying capacity is up to 217,000 kg/hour. The concrete mixing method is intermittent; production capacity of the mixing station is 250 tone/hour. Diameter of pipe for coating ranges from Φ168mm to Φ1219mm. Single pipe for coating can be up to 18 meters in length and 40mm to 180mm in thickness.
The company has joined hands with cooperation partners to provide powerful technological support to jointly develop ocean pipeline coating new market, dedicated to boosting China’s ocean pipeline construction, and making contribution to the development of petroleum industry.