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Hilong Petropipe Co., Ltd. (Canada)

Hilong Petropipe Co., Ltd (Canada) is a subsidiary of Hilong Group in Canada, its main businesses are provide specialized petroleum pipe coating and hardbanding technologies and drilling tools supply. Situated in Edmonton, Canada, the company started operation on September 26, 2013.

The company’s coating production line has a designed annual coating capacity of 1 million meters, capable of coating whole API series drill pipe, tubing, casing and line pipe with diameter below 10 inch, and can coat petroleum pipes with a maximum length of 45 feet. The company’s drilling tools supply is abundantly stocked in local area, capable of supplying drilling tools such as drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe and drill collar with ready stock, which sufficiently satisfies customers’ needs.
The company not only owns advanced powder and liquid coating production lines, but also boasts technical experts and personnel with long years of on-site experience in factories and oilfields, in the local area it also has its own after-sales service team; the company relies on its continually improving professional petroleum pipe coating service ability to provide the most satisfactory products and services to customers.