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Jiangsu TSC Coating Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu TSC Coating Co., Ltd is one of the subsidiary manufacturers of Hilong Group specially engaged in oil pipe anti-corrosion inner coating and hardbanding technologies service. The company was founded in Shuguang Industrial Park, Baimi Town, Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province, in October 2003, with a total land area of 50 mu. Its main business scope is inner surface coating service, hardbanding technologies service as well as other related products and services for oil drill pipe, tubing, casing and other line pipes.

Since formal start of production in February 2004, the company has guaranteed top-class quality of coating products by relying on well-developed process, advanced import spraying equipment and stringent quality control methods. The company’s spraying equipment adopts advanced imported high pressure airless spraying equipment, in combination with advanced technological processes, meanwhile it adopts TC2000, TC2000SS and TC2000P powder specialized coating, which are pipe product inner anti-corrosion materials for petroleum use with the most outstanding performance worldwide, it forms a dense protective layer on the inner wall of the tube body, so as to ensure effective protective function. On the basis of fully satisfying requirements of all complicated drilling construction environment and geological conditions, it has acquired excellent usage effect and extensive unanimous acclaim from users.
The company has successfully passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and NS-1 certification. Its coating products have passed inspection by CNPC Research Institute of Tubular Goods, the most authoritative petroleum pipe product testing institution in China, as well as test of Southwest Research Institute, and all test results are qualified.
The company’s coating products have won widespread acclaim and acknowledgement from users with superior quality, prompt delivery and attentive services. Meanwhile, the company adheres to the operation management concepts of quality first, and honest service, scientific management, it aims to satisfy user needs to the maximum degree, and continually improve advantage in market competition, in order to lay down solid foundation for future sustainable development.