Shanghai Hilong Mine Drilling Tools Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2014, as one of the manufacturers of Hilong Group of Companies,Shanghai Hilong Mine Drilling Tools Co., Ltd is situated in Shanghai Baoshan Industrial Park, featuring superior geographical location, convenient transport access. It is a company specializing in R&D, production and sales of center-cable intelligent drill pipe in coal mine excavating and geological drilling etc.

The company owns professional production equipment and independent production workshops, product specifications now being manufactured include center-cable intelligent products in welded spiral directional and welded thin-wall directional drill pipe series, the drill pipe mainly includes integral type and welded type. At present, our drill pipes are mainly welded type, we can also upset the pipe end to cater to special needs from the customers.
The company continually summarizes experience in the manufacture practice of mining drill pipe, guided by scientific technology principles, it continually improves the application standard of company’s intelligent center-cable drill pipe in coal field and geological drilling fields, dedicated to providing center-cable intelligent drill pipe for domestic coal field roadways and geological drilling fields, and offering solutions to special center-cable drill pipe and prospecting drill pipe in coal fields and geological fields. We welcome all social circles to cooperate with us and contribute our strength to intelligent drilling equipment for coal mine and geological fields.