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Panjin Liaohe Oil Field Pipe Tube-Cote Coating Co., Ltd.

Panjin Liaohe Oil Field Pipe Tube-Cote Coating Co., Ltd is one of the wholly-owned subsidiary manufacturers of Hilong Group specially engaged in oil pipe inner anti-corrosion coating and hardbanding technologies service. Founded in January 2009, the company has a registered capital of 10 million yuan, and equipment investment of 20 million yuan. Situated in the Oil Hi-tech Industrial Park, Panjin Economic Development Zone, it has land area of 52610 sqm, in which workshop occupies 9394 sqm of land area.

The company’s business scope mainly includes surface protection for drill collar, drill pipe, tubing, casing, ground surface pipeline, sucker rod, downhole tools; it serves the development and construction of domestic oilfields and overseas oilfields.
The company’s main equipment features advanced technology, and high automation degree, its production lines have reached domestic and overseas advanced standard. Adhering to human orientation, and adopting technology as the spearhead, the company has developed a cooperative R&D model with its own technological force as the main body, and experts of the Group and joint units as technological support.
With vigorous support from superior competent departments of the provincial, municipal, district, park, and oil field authorities and the Group Company, under generous assistance from cooperation units, through joint efforts by all employees, The company will build the enterprise into a top-class company either domestically and internationally.