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Shandong Shengli Oilfield Wuhua Tube-Cote Oil Pipeline Coating Co., Ltd.

Shandong Shengli Oilfield Wuhua Tube-Cote Oil Pipeline Coating Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiary manufacturers of Hilong Group specially engaged in oil pipe inner anti-corrosion coating and hardbanding technologies service. Founded in December 2006, the company is situated in 103 Industrial Zone, Xier Road, Dongying City, Shandong Province, with a land area of 33 mu, and registered capital of RMB 20 million yuan.

The company’s business scope includes drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, drill collar, tubing, casing and inner coating processing and hardbanding welds for other line pipes; it serves the development construction of domestic and overseas oilfields, meanwhile it also provides services to urban pipeline network construction.
The company adopts advanced coating technologies and production techniques in the industry, by selecting TC-2000P, TC-2000SS, TC-2000,TC-3000F anti-eccentric serial coating with superior performance, it provides anti-corrosion, paraffin control, anti-scaling, and anti-eccentric coating service for drill pipe and OCTG.
The company adheres to the operation concepts of human orientation, scientific management, honesty and practicality, exploration and innovation, by relying on its high starting point, high technology, and high quality advantages, and taking advantage of its geographical convenience of close proximity to Shengli Oilfield, it has blazed a trail of development with pipe product coating processing as foundation to serve the development construction of oilfields, continually nurture advantages in market competition, in order to lay down solid foundation for future sustainable development.