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Xi’an Changing Tube-Cote Oil Pipe Coating Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Changing Tube-Cote Oil Pipe Coating Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly-owned subsidiary manufacturers of Hilong Group specially engaged in oil pipe inner anti-corrosion coating and hardbanding technologies service. Founded in August 2006, the company situated in Changqing, Xi’an, with a registered capital of 18 million yuan.

Existing production lines adopt liquid coating high-speed rotation airless spraying technology, which represents advanced domestic standard; the company has six subsidiary functional departments including Production Technology Department, Operation Department, Marketing Department, Purchase & Supply Department, Safety Environmental Protection Department and Office.
Its current markets are mainly distributed in Changqing Equipment Section of Changqing Oilfield, First Oil Factory, Second Oil Factory, Third Oil Factory, First Gas Factory, Fourth Oil Factory, Fifth Oil Factory, Seventh Oil Factory, low output and low efficiency Changqing Oilfield production units, with market coverage above 90%.