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Salary and Welfare
  • Pay

    Group management channel, professional and technical channel parallel compensation system, core position compensation in a leading position in the market,
    he average salary of employees in the upstream level market.

  • Five social insurance and one housing fund

    According to the law in full pay pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity and housing provident fund.

  • Communication allowance

    To provide communications subsidies for the sector more personnel (including general staff need).

  • Annual leave

    According to the "Regulations on paid annual leave for employees" execution.

  • Regular bus

    Providing air conditioning bus free of charge for employees to work in the factory.

  • Working meal

    During the staff provide free working meal.

  • Physical examination

    Free annual physical examination for staff to arrangea.

  • Birthday wishes

    Employee birthday will be a birthday card, a shopping card.

  • The feast of welfare

    During the Spring Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, five one, eleven and other major holidays, paid holiday fee or gifts.