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Event Records


Hilong Group now has two more National "High-Tech Enterprises"

March 2020


A Hilong Employee Successfully Donated Hematopoietic Stem Cells  became the 495th unrelated and unpaid donor of hematopoietic stem cells in Shanghai

May 2020


Hilong wins the RMB 233 million crane ship service contract from China Communications Construction  Company  successfully enters the offshore wind power engineering market

Hilong Technical Expert Ji Moning attends the Symposium of Scientists chaired by President Xi Jinping

August 2020


Three Core Products of Hilong Information Technology Company launched at the 2nd China Intelligent Oil and Gas Pipeline and Intelligent Pipe Network Technology Exchange Conference

October 2020


"Winter Safety Production Monitoring System for Gas Pipelines in Extreme Cold Regions" developed by Hilong Information

September 2020




Hilong researcher selected for the Program of Shanghai

Academic/Technology Research Leader

April 2019


Hilong and Ensign Sign Master Supply drill pipes Agreement Worth

of $30 Million

May 2019


Hilong joint venture Ocentra Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.

established in Singapore

July 2019


Hilong HL120S high-strength hydrogen sulfide-resistant drill pipe selected for Abu Dhabi’s National Petroleum Company drilling project  

This marks the entry of HL120S high-strength hydrogen sulfide-resistant drill pipe in the high-end market in the Middle East

August 2019


Hilong Oil Service signed a well workover service contract with Basrah Oil Company

 The signing of the Contract marks a significant breakthrough of Hilong’s oil service business in Iraqi market and demonstrates 



Hilong’s “Hilong 106” CNPC Bangladesh Project enters implementation stage

November 2019




Hilong Signs Long-Term Drilling Service Contracts with PDO

marking a breakthrough for Hilong Oil Sservices in the Middle East

January 2018


Hilong Awarded BP’s USD85 Million Contract

May 2018


Hilong Group recognized as “Shanghai Public Welfare Base”

June 2018


Hilong Petroleum Group (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. Established

July 2018


Hilong Nigeria Oil Service receives highest safety and environmental protection award from Shell

Once again affirming Hilong Oil Service’s leading position in this field , based on its operation and management philosophy on safety and environmental protection

July 2018


Hilong Pipeline Signed a Pipeline Anti-Corrosion and Weighted Coating Processing Contract, Valued at No Less than RMB 173 Million

August 2018


Hilong wins biddings for two high-value drilling projects in Uzbekistan and Russia

September 2018


Hilong Group Wins Honorary Title “Baoshan District Industrial Internet Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”

November 2018


Hilong Offshore Engineering successfully wins the bid for the China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd 75 km offshore pipeline engineering services project


Hilong’s “Research and Development on Industrial Application of Multidimensional Sensing Inspection Robot System in the Petrochemical Industry” project was approved as the 2018 Shanghai Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation and Development Special Fund Project

December 2018


Hilong Awarded Drill Pipes Supplying Contract for Uzbekistan’s State Oil and Gas Company Project 
demonstrates that the Group’s drill pipes are accepted and highly recognized in the Commonwealth of Independent States as well as Russia

March 2017


Hilong Awarded Pakistan Oil Service Integrated Technical Service Contract

May 2017


Hilong Marine Engineering Awarded Major Marine Transportation and Installation Contract from CUEL LIMITED

May 2017


First Successful Application of “HilongCare” Green Power Antifouling Paint

June 2017


Hilong Visits Pakistani Minister ofPetroleum Furthering Partnership with Pakistan
June 2017


Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd. Receives the Shanghai Baoshan District Chief Quality Award for Organizations

october 2017


Ecuadorian Oil Minister Carlos Perez Visits Hilong

December 2017


Drilling of Hilong’s comprehensive technical service well Rajani-5 Starts
the Rajani-5 well is the first oversea integrated oil service project of Hilong, marking a big step forward on the part of Hilong towards becoming an integrated oil service supplier.

March 21,2016


Hilong’s drill pipe production line in Russia starts trial production
This will complement the tubing coating and hardbanding production line launched in Russia by Hilong in 2011, thus bringing about one-stop production and services encompassing drill pipe manufacturing, drill pipe coating, and hardbanding application.

April 12,2016

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Albania Ltd. Shell project HL-30 successfully commences drilling 
This is the first time for Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. to enter the European drilling market

June 9,2016

Hilong wins first offshore lifting contract 
This is Hilong’s first offshore lifting operation contract and also the first maritime engineering services contract won from overseas market.

June 12,2016

Hilong chosen as Shanghai primary and secondary quality education social practice base

August 31,2016

Hilong successfully develops ground collective transmission inner coating anti-corrosion plug-in connection pipeline technology.
The development of plug-in connection pipeline technology will be conducive to promoting the widespread use of Hilong inner coating products in oilfield ground pipeline construction and civil engineering construction


December 20,2016


Hilong successfully secures drilling service contract with Poly-GCL with drilling services in Ethiopia by using two drilling rigs. 

June 9,2015

Hilong signed a strategic collaboration framework agreement with CNPC offshore engineering company limited,
Which further deepens the level and expands the area of mutual collaboration.
July 20,2015


Hilong is commended by proprietor for its first offshore pipeline installation project
Hilong proved itself in this project through its extraordinary capacity in the design, construction and integrated service of maritime engineering.

September 23,2015

The Grand Unveiling of New Coatings for Marine and Offshore Enginessring 
The presented products were new coatings with high technology and strategic prospect

October 20,2015


Established Shanghai Hilong Mine Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd



Established Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering Service(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd



Hilong Completes Acquisition of Texas Internal Pipe Coating LLC

Coating Service Capacity Significantly Expanded,Laying Solid Foundation for Future Company

February 14,2014


Established Hilong Marine Engineering(Hong Kong)Co.,Ltd



Hilong wins PetroChina Projects and Officially Enters Pipe Inspection Business 

May 3,2014


Hilong Group Designated Model Safe Company by Shanghai City



Hilong Cooperates with Polysoude to Establish a Joint Automatic Welding Laboratory

July 17,2014






Hilong Anti-corrosion and Baosteel were awarded Iraqi oilfield project

Open the Iraqi and other overseas markets for Hilong Anti-corrosion made a solid step.

January 8,2013


Nantong Hilong unveils Φ73 drill pipe tubing 

January 20,2013


Ecador's minister of non-renewable resources visits Hilong

March 29,2013


Established Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Pakistan(Private)Limited



Hilong introduces CWC products 

As a new weight balancing product for offshore oil CWC is significant in terms of strategic offshore oil development.

April 25,201


Hilong awarded a high-end drilling service agreement by Shell Nigeria 

A demonstration of Hilong's competitiveness in international markets and scores Hilong's strategic march into high-end service

May 27,2013


Houston Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership visit Hilong

July 26,2013


Hilong's OCTG Coating plant in Sichuan strats operation 

Furthe Expansion of OCTG Coating production capacity to maintain industry leadership

August 14,2013


Hilong Canada Launches a coating line

It will lay a more solid foundation for Hilong's development in North America.

September 26,2013


Established Shenlong Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Technology Co.,Ltd

October 11,2013


Hilong makes progress in technical talent development and incentive system construction

November 18,2013


Hilong moves into offshore oilfield services with purchase of subsea pipe-lay barge

This acquistion marks Hilong's firm first step toward providing offshore services.

December 30,2013




Established Hilong(Colombia) Oil Service & Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Januray 26,2012


Hilong awarded big orders in North America & Middle East



Stainless steel pipe coating has become another bright spot in market development by Hilong Anti-corrosion business

April 6,2012


Nigeria project HL-2 team awarded Shell SPDC commendation



Kazakhstan project HL-6 team received customer KAM reward



Hilong Anti-corrosion successfully passed Shell audit

November 26,2012


Hilong signed a strategic supplier cooperation agreement with Sinopec 

A major landmark for Hilong Group's rapid and healthy development 

November 26,2012


Established Shanghai Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute

To further explore the innovation of science and technology field



Hilong Canada awarded whole year order for drill rig supporting products in 2012 by Trinidad Drilling

December 3,2012


Global coverage & spanning 3 years

Hilong signed long-term supply agreement with Canada Ensign drilling partnership

December 20,2012


Administrative measures for the "Haizhou Serious Illness Fund Issued"

December 20,2012


Hilong held the 2012 annual exhibition of new drill pipe

December 12,2012







Hilong-7 Rig(2000HP) spud-in for its first well in Ecuador

Hilong-7 operation in Ecuador is a great step for Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co.,Ltd to enter into the international drilling market.

Januray 16,2011


Publicly listed in Hong Kong on the exchange's main board 

Start of Hilong Group's new chapter of international development

Call for the Second Star-up business expansion

April 21,2011


The four-inch drill designed by Hilong Holdings Limited has been used in the Sulige Gas Field



Hilong-2(2000HP)Spud-in for its first well in Nigeria

This is the first project Hilong cooperation with Shell.

A major landmark for Hilong Oil Service's development.

August 9,2011


Established Hilong Temerso Co.,Ltd

August 23,2011


Hilong aluminum alloy-based drill pipes obtained project certification from the expert team of Sinopec

December 20,2011



Established Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Nigeria Ltd.

July 26,2010


Established Hilong Anti-corrosion Technology Engineering(Taicang)Co.,Ltd.



Anshan Hidlong Anti-corrosion Engineering Co.,Ltd

November 1,2010


Established Panjin Liaohe Oil Field Pipe Tube-Cote Coating Co.,Ltd

January 13,2009


The successful development of Super High Torque Connection(HLST 39)

The new products remains Hilong's competitive edge in the drilling market during the 2008 crisis.



Established Hilong Oil Service Ltd.(Hilong Malaysia)

March 4,2009


Established Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Ecuador Cia,Ltda.(Ecuador)

March 18,2009


Hilong-3 650 workover rig started spudding in Ecuador

Workover service of rig Hilong-3 is a good start for our international workover operation.



Established Hilong Drilling & Supply FZE(Hilong Dubai)

December 15,2009


Established Shanxi Tangrong Hilong Drill Tools Co.,Ltd

                    Tangrong Tube-Cote(Shanxi)Oil Pipe Coating Co.,Ltd

January 8,2008


Established the Science & Technology Association

May 22,2008


Established Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co.,Ltd

Initiation of oil service industry.

July 16,2008


Established Hilong Petroleum Technology & Engineering Co.,Ltd(Kazakhstan)

August 22,2008


Established Hilong Petroleum Company LLC(UAE)

February 22,2007


Established Shandong Shengli Oilfield Wuhua Tube-Cote Oil Pipeline Coating Co.,Ltd

February 12,2007


Established Hilong Petropipe Co.,Ltd(Canada)

April 17,2007


Established Nantong Hilong Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd

April 30,2007


Successfully development Hilong Sour Service Drill Pipe

The first batch production,exports to Russia,opened the drilling market abroad.



Southwest Petroleum University postoctoral scientific research base was founded in Hilong

November 9,2007





Drill pipe upsetting technology research success

To overcome the problem of drill core technology of mass production,make Hilong to seize market opportunities,and achieve rapid development.



Established Tianjin Tube-Cote Oil Pipe Coating Co.,Ltd

September 18,2006


Established the Shanghai Hilong Petroleum Tubular Goods Research Institute

Confirm of Hilong Group's development strategy of technological innovation.



Established Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co.,Ltd




Anti-corrosion coating research center established

The first landmark for Hilong science and technology innovation development,

Hilong firmly on by science and technology innovation to survive and development road.



The successful development of Multi-use Internal Coating Material series(TC2000/TC300)

Breaking the long-term monopolistic DPC coating material at home and abroad.



Established Hilong Group of Companies

Hilong development builds speed.Confirmation of Hilong Group's international development strategy.



Established Hilong Drill Pipe(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd

Initiation of oilfield equipment industry.

August 30,2005


Established Shanghai Hilong Anti-corrosion Technology Engineering Co.,Ltd

Establishment of Hilong Group's first Anti-corrosion company.

January 1,2005


Established Shanghai BoTeng Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd

December 29,2005



Established Xi'an Changqing Tube-Cote Oil Pipe Coating Co.,Ltd

November 22,2004




Established Jiangsu TSC Coating Co.,Ltd

October 22,2003


Established Shanghai Hilong Shine New Material Co.,Ltd

November 12,2003



Established Shanghai Tube-Cote Petroleum Pipe Coating Co.,Ltd

Establishment of Hilong Group's first company.

March 8,2002