Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is one of Hilong Group’s core strategies and is an important support for sustainable development of the Group. Over more than 10 years, Hilong Group has launched more than 100 successful technological research initiatives, including major core technological breakthroughs, and strategic new technological research. These revolutions in technology have allowed Hilong Group to establish a unique industry chain and industry advantages.

Professional Research Institutes

Hilong Group has established professional research institutes including Shanghai Hilong Petroleum Tubular Goods Research Institute, Shanghai Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute, and Hilong Offshore Oil Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.. Hilong has also prepared high-end laboratory facilities for these research institutes, creating excellent conditions for research and development. A powerful and professional research platform is in the midst of forming focused on a variety of petroleum technical service sectors.

Shanghai Hilong Petroleum Tubular Goods Research InstituteShanghai Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute

Innovative R&D Team

Hilong Group has brought together and cultivated an elite R&D team that is at the leading edge of its industry and is very willing to innovate.
The Group has also proactively expanded its technological research exchanges and cooperations both domestically and overseas, and has established cooperative partnerships in multiple areas with research institutes including Southwest Petroleum University, and East China University of Science and Technology. Hilong Group has established a post doctorate research station, the Shanghai Petroleum Tubing Engineering Technical Research Institute as well as an institute fellowship work station.