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Technological research initiatives
  • Hilong Super High Torque Connection (HLST)

    HLST is a new generation double-shouldered fitting developed by Hilong based on HLIDS, which is suitable for wells in harsh conditions, such as deep wells, superdeep wells, horizontal wells, extended reach wells, and sulfurous environment.

  • Hilong Sour Service Drill Pipe

    Hilong Sour Service Drill Pipe is a special type of Hilong self-developed drill pipe capable of the resisting hydrogen sulfide stress corrosion, in order to meet the need for the oil and gas exploitation, drilling and exploitation operations in sulfurous and highly sulfurous environment.

  • Hilong Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe

    Hilong Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe (HLADP) features low specific weight, high flexibility, and corrosion resistance, suitable for oil and gas exploitation in ultra-deep well, horizontal well, high corrosive medium well, directional well and other wells with complicated conditions.

  • Hilong Efficient Cuttings Bed Clean Drill Tool

    Hilong Efficient Cutting Bed Clean Drill Tool (HLECDT) is designed specifically to improve hole-cleaning performance in horizontal or complex non-conventional wells. It includes the Hilong Efficient Cuttings Bed Clean Drill Pipe (HLECDP) and the Hilong Efficient Cuttings Bed Clean Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HLECWDP). Sets of spiral grooved structures with a certain depth, long lead and special cross-section shape are added on the external circle of HLECDT or HLECWDP pipe body. During the drilling process of the rotary drilling, it produces the effect of agitation and destruction to cuttings bed. By improving the flow field property of drilling fluid at the borehole bottom area of high angel deviated wells, extended reach wells and horizontal wells, it “throws” the cuttings to high side annulus, and is finally taken away by the drilling fluid, and thereby reduces or clears up the cuttings bed formed by talus deposit.

  • Hilong Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Drill Pipe

    With the increase of drilling difficulty, requirements on drill pipe are rising accordingly. In a long distance horizontal directional drilling project, the insufficient rigidity and buckling strength of regular drill pipes results in the emergence of “the rope swing” phenomenon, and the fracture fatigue failure is easy to arise on the pipe body. Thread failures like thread gluing is often caused by the difficulty of tool joint alignment and make-up in drilling projects. The HDD drill pipes designed and manufactured by Hilong both meet the requirement of large caliber and the requirement of rigidity and thrust. The special upsetting design improves the fatigue property of the drill pipe, and the design of special joint threads and guiding section can prevent thread gluing and therefore improve the fatigue property of the joint, meeting the need of the drilling project.

  • Hilong Arctic Service Drill Pipe

    Hilong arctic service drill pipe is a professional type of Hilong's independently researched and developed drill pipes against the requirement of oil and gas exploitation and operations in extremely cold zones, like the South or the North Pole.

  • Hilong Double Shoulder Connection

    HLIDS™ series is one kind of double shoulder tool joint of Hilong developed based on HLDS™,Comparing with API connection, HLIDS™ has the features as follows:
    a. Double shoulder design;
    b. Smooth transmission on internal diameter;
    c. Full interchangeable with API connections and other leading double-shoulder connections on the market.

  • Hilong High-strength Drill Pipe

    Hilong high-strength drill pipes with high strength, high toughness and fine ability of improved fatigue resistance in HLDT-SHTMZ140, HLDT-SHTMV150 and HLDT-SHTMU165 steel grades, is a proprietary products applicable to harsh drilling environments like deep well, ultra deep well and extended reach wells etc. The application of special materials and the strict control of heat treatment process have brought strength enhancement and fine impact toughness.

  • Hilong Non-Slip-Crush (NSC) drill pipe

    Hilong Non-Slip-Crush (NSC) drill pipe is a special type of product specially designed and developed for solving the problems such as the damage to the drill pipe body slip, the low efficiency of double-elevator operation and the high labor intensity in tripping operation. The feature is that on the basis of API ordinary drill pipes, one more shoulder is added at a position in a certain distance from the box connector end face. During the trip operation, the drill string is set at the toothless pneumatic slip, and the bearing slider of the pneumatic slip axially bears the weight. Besides, the NSC drill pipe can afford a convenient way for make-up and break-out by raising its position on the box connector.

  • Hilong CBM Tunnel Drilling Pipe

    Hilong CBM tunnel drilling pipe is a new type of product developed to meet the requirements of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) drilling. Two types of products ——triangular spiral drill pipe and spiral drill pipe has currently been developed, suitable for use with various tunnel rigs in CBM exploitation and drilling.

  • HLGS gas sealing fitting

    HLGS gas sealing fitting is designed and developed on the basis of HLDS fitting. With high torsion-resistance and high gas sealing performance, it can be used for drill stem testing, high pressure well repair, completion practices and underbalanced drillings, etc.