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Technological Research Initiatives
  • RFID drill pipes

    Hilong RFID drill pipes are developed for the needs of digital management of drill pipes and the special use environment. Application temperature of special electronic tags for drill pipes: -40℃--250℃, compressive strength: 206MPa, which can meet the long-term use requirements of harsh downhole environments. The supporting data collection management system can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collection in the use and management of drill pipes.

  • TC2000P Drill pipe in hydrogen sulfide resistance powder coating

    An innovation project set up in September 2009, all product performance testing completed in February 2012. The coatings comes with a smooth surface, excellent abrasion, adhesion and chemical resistance. The product reaches the international level of similar products

  • TC3000FP H2S\CO2 resistance epoxy powder coating

    Joint development with the Russian OMK company starting from October 2009, all product performance testing completed in March 2012. All of the product performance indicators either meet or exceed the technical requirements of the OMK Company.

  • TC3000C H2S&CO2 resistance internal coating

    Joint development with PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company and PetroChina Xi'an Pipe Research Institute starting from March 2010. The performance indicators of the coating passed the evaluation by Xi’an Pipe Research Institute, found to be up to standard. It has been actually applied in the Tarim Oilfield Well 721 and produced good effect. On July 18, 2012, the project psaaed the inspection by PetroChina. This inner coating material has been applied to the relevant projects of Oman Oil Co and CNOOC Iraq.

  • EC601 waterborne pipe outside protective coatings

    This product is free of organic solvent free and heavy metal salt, with such merits as being energy saving and emission reducing, safe and environment friendly, and convenient to use. At the same time it comes with excellent capabilities of decorating, anti-rusting and weather tolerating, among others, used for the decoration and protection of steel pipe, steel plates and steel structures, to name a few.

  • Pipeline coatings series

    3LPP system of anticorrosion jacket material, adhesive, welding epoxy powder coating: high softening point, high TG and high tolerance against cathodic stripping performance. They are used for high temperature pipeline and submarine pipeline corrosion prevention and insulation.

  • Pipeline coatings series

    SN109SF solvent free anti-drag and abrasion-resistant gas pipeline coatings: organic solvent free, with the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction, being safe and environment friendly. It also has better wear resistance and surface smoothness, used for the inner wall of large diameter long distance natural gas transmission pipelines.

  • Hiloncare 7350 Tin free self polishing antifouling

    Use of copper acrylate technology in TBT free self polishing antifouling paint; in compliance with the international convention on the control of harmful antifouling systems on ships. It has excellent antifouling effect and low surface coefficient of friction.

  • HilonHolds 5130 Abrasion resistant epoxy coating

    A two-component, abrasion resistant pure epoxy coating, with excellent mechanical properties, can provide excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.

  • HilonGuard 2400 Surface Tolerant Epoxy Coating

    High surface tolerance, high solid volume, excellent anticorrosion protection, can be used both above and under water area.

  • HilonTC3000H Solvent Free Epoxy Tank Coating

    Excellent resistance to cathodic disbanding performance, excellent anti permeability, water resistance and chemical resistance

  • HilonTherm8150 High Temperature Silicone Coating

    Good cracking resistance under high temperature, heat temperature resistance up to 550℃(1004°F).