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Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Achieved outstanding results in a number of scientific researches and won the title of Industry-University-Research Cooperation Demonstration Enterprises and the Excellent University-Industry-Research Cooperation Project Award through the cooperation with Fudan University, East China University of Science and Technology and Shanghai University in carrying out a lot of university-industry-research cooperation projects, including post-doctoral moblie workstations, the research on anti-hydrogen sulfide pipe coatings for the natural gas development system, the high-performance maleic anhydride grafted PE adhesive production technology, and the development preparation and application of PE anti-corrosion material for long transmission pipelines in permafrost.

Through a series of successful development of IUR cooperation cases, with the platform , policy and sufficient financial support provided by the government, based on the company's actual technical need, make full use of the experimental and production equipment, product application testing channels, a state-of-the-art technical development and management mode, strong capability of converting scientific and technical fruits, necessary financial and human resources security, in combination with the solid technical and theoretical foundation and abundant technical information resources in universities, to give full play to both parties's advantages, so that the cooperation projects will be successfully carried out, developed and converted. Finally the technical problems of the enterprise are solved, and meanwhile cultivate and improve the ability of both the university students and the related scientific researchers of the enterprise to develop applied technology, strengthening the enterprise's capability of independent innovation. This has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, and it is an advanced and innovative of technical cooperation mode, which is worth further deepening and promotional efforts. It bears great realistic significance for the time being to our country in speeding up the restructuring of enterprises, and in our hard work to build an innovative nation.