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Hilong Offshore Pipe-laying Project Receives Numerous Awards from CNOOC

Date:2015-12-08 | Read(2831)

(December 8, 2015, Shanghai) In the summary and awarding ceremony recently held by Hilong for the Hilong-CNOOC Weizhou and the East China Sea Offshore Pipe-laying Projects, owners of the CNOOC Weizhou and the East China Sea Projects respectively conferred upon Hilong “Safety, High Quality and Efficiency”, “‘Hilong Vessel 106’ Is Safe, High Quality and Efficient’” “Excellent Contractor” and “QHSE Winner” awards. 

The two offshore pipe-laying projects were the first ones that signified Hilong’s entry into the maritime engineering field. Among them, the CNOOC Weizhou Pipe-laying Project witnessed the laying of seven double-layered heat preserving submarine pipelines in total, adding up to 38.5 kilometers. A total of 2 submarine pipelines were laid for the CNOOC East China Sea Offshore Pipe-laying Project, including a regular carbon steel pipe and  compound steel pipes with two  specifications, which added up to 38.6 kilometers. Complex and with scarce resources, the two projects were on a tight schedule and high standard requirement. By planning ahead and reasonably allocating resources, and by bringing into play its advantages in expertise, technology and talents, Hilong successfully completed the projects and created quite a few domestic records in offshore pipe-laying.  

Zou Daobiao, General manager of the CNOOC Weizhou Project, and Xu Wenbing, Deputy General Manager of the East China Sea project, presented the awards and gave a speech. They spoke highly of Hilong’s swift and sufficient project preparation, efficient organization of construction, zero-accident safety performance, highly responsible attitude and its spirit of always seeking for the better. They also paid sincere and great compliments to the Hilong team for their refined expertise and technical capability, good professional conduct, strong sense of service and their innovative spirit in resolving problems.

Leaders of both the CNOOC Weizhou Project and the East China Sea Project attended the awarding ceremony. Zhang Jun, Hilong President, and Wang Tao, Executive President of Hilong, were present at the meeting and gave a speech.