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Drilling of Hilong’s Comprehensive Technical Service Well Rajani-5 Starts

Date:2016-03-23 | Read(1917)

(March 23, 2016, Shanghai) Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Pakistan (Private) Ltd. successfully started an integrated service project to drill well Rajani-5 on March 21, 2016, with drilling fluid, directional drilling and bits services.

The designed TD of Rajani-5 is over 14000ft, estimated bottom hole temperature(BHT) is as high as 170℃, the highest mud weight is as high as 14ppg. It is a rare deep and high-temperature well in Rajani block, giving extreme difficulty to drill.

Hilong introduced UEPL with customized solutions of drilling fluid, directional drilling and bits in the 2nd half of 2015. After a number of technical exchanges and business trip to Hilong, UEPL released PO to Hilong to provide integrated service of well Rajani-5.


Dai Daliang, senior vice president of Hilong Group and general manager of Oil Service Business said, “the Rajani-5 well is the first oversea integrated oil service project of Hilong, marking a big step forward on the part of Hilong towards becoming an integrated oil service supplier.”

The Site of the Rajani-5 Well