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Hilong Wins the Bid for Providing Exterior Anti-corrosion and Concrete Weight Coating Services for the OffshorePipeline Project of Sinopec Maoming Company

Date:2016-03-31 | Read(1972)

(March 31, 2016, Shanghai) Hilong recently won the bid for the 300,000-ton single point mooring oil transmission terminal offshore pipeline project of Sinopec Maoming Company, to provide this project with 9,456 meters of exterior anti-corrosion and concrete weight coating services. The new pipeline, after its completion, will become the domestic offshore oil/gas pipeline with the biggest diameterr, and also one of those in the world with the biggest diameterr.


This project comes with a pipe diameter of 1,219 mm (48 ft.), which is far bigger than that of the regular offshore pipelines. A single coated pipe weighs 30-ton, and has reached the current limits on offshore pipeline project prefabrication and installation capacity in China, with respect to the construction and transportation for its anti-corrosion and concrete weight coating works.


“With its rich experience and expertise accumulated through many domestic large pipeline projects and years of its presence in the overseas market, Hilong won this bid. This victory will bear significance for Hilong to further develop the market and reinforce the competitive position in the market for its line pipe technology and services industry,” says Xue Zhijun, Vice President of Hilong and General Manager of line pipe Technology and Services Business.