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Hilong Successfully Develops Ground Collective Transmission Inner Coating Anti-corrosion Plug-in Connection Pipeline Technology

Date:2016-12-20 | Read(2179)

(December 20, 2016, Shanghai) Hilong Group has announced that it successfully developed plug-in connection pipeline technology for use in ground pipeline inner coating anti-corrosion. Several days ago, this technology was successfully used in the Changqing Oilfield pipe-laying project. Previously, the Changqing Oilfield installed three different specifications of pipelines from a certain oil production plant using this technology. These pipelines have been put into operation and are in good condition.

The Hilong plug-in connection pipeline technology was developed and designed by the Hilong Oil Equipment Business in conjunction with the Hilong Petroleum Tubular Goods Research Institute and the Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute, on the basis of advanced technology absorbed from overseas. The technology uses a non-welded pipeline connection method to ensure end-to-end inner coating integrity with fast and safe pipeline construction. Meanwhile, Hilong has also developed supporting construction equipment for use in collective transmission pipeline installation and construction both inside and outside of stations.

Cao Yuhong, Hilong Group senior vice president and general manager of Oil Equipment Business, said that: “Hilong has been committed to promoting enterprise development through technological innovation. Following the widespread application of Hilong tubing inner coatings, in recent years we have successively developed inner coatings for ground collective transmission. However pipeline interface issue has been a critical issue for inner coating pipe products’ applications in ground pipelines. The development of plug-in connection pipeline technology will be conducive to promoting the widespread use of Hilong inner coating products in oilfield ground pipeline construction and civil engineering construction.”