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Hilong Group Grassroots Technology Team Honored the Title of “2016 Shanghai Technician Innovation Studio”

Date:2017-02-27 | Read(1610)

(February 27, 2017, Shanghai) Recently, the Hilong Group Grassroots Technology Team “Lv Chenjian Studio” was awarded with the honorary title of “2016 Shanghai Technician Innovation Studio” by the Shanghai Workers Technical Association.


“Lv Chenjian Studio” is composed of a group of experienced technicians from the Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd. Equipment Management Group, including the outstanding technicians Lv Chenjian and Li Xingang, engineer Cai Ronghua, and other post operations experts, who are responsible for the energy saving and consumption reduction of petroleum drill pipe production equipment, equipment function upgrade and automation renovation, and other tasks. Their 1# high-power factor improvement project has saved the cost of approximately RMB 500,000 per year for the company since its completion, and their 2# and 3# high-power projects will carry out power factor improvements, such that the company is expected to save the cost of approximately RMB 1 million per year.

“Hilong adheres to the enterprise development strategy of scientific and technological innovation in the long term; as one of the two awarded studios in Baoshan District, Shanghai in 2016, the Lv Chenjian Studio is one of the results of Hilong’s strategy of scientific and technological innovation,” noted Hilong Group’s Chief Engineer Yuan Pengbin, adding that “that the Lv Chenjian Studio was awarded this honor affirms Hilong’s technicians fighting hard and innovating at the front line and will further advance the work of Hilong Group’s technicians and its technological development.”

To further encourage staff innovation and give full play to the roles of demonstration and leading of staff innovation teams in driving enterprise innovation, transformation and development and building a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence in Shanghai, in accordance with A Number of Opinions on the Promotion of Front-Line Staff Job Innovation and the Promotion of “Public Entrepreneurship and Innovation” jointly established by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Municipal Intellectual Property Office and in the spirit of the Eighth Committee Plenary (Expanded) Meeting of the Thirteenth Session of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Workers Technical Association selected a group of technician innovation studios in Shanghai this year on the basis of developing technician innovation studios creation activities in grassroots enterprises and district and county bureaus (industries).