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Hilong UAE Obtains Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C. Coatings Certification

Date:2017-03-02 | Read(2913)

(March 2, 2017, Shanghai) Recently, Hilong Petroleum Pipe Company L.L.C. (UAE) obtained coatings certification from Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C. (PDO), marking high recognition of Hilong’s internal coatings coating process and quality by an internationally renowned oil company, PDO, and laying the foundation for Hilong’s business expansion in the Middle East.


This certification covers 4 coatings certifications for Hilong’s TC3000C liquid coating straight tube internal coatings spraying, Hilong’s TC3000C liquid coating spool and fittings internal coatings spraying, 3M powder coating straight tube internal coatings spraying, and 3M powder coating spool and fittings internal coatings spraying.


Hilong Petroleum Pipe Company LLC. (UAE) General Manager Zhang Jinsheng introduced that with the higher level of acidic substances in the stratum of PDO oil and gas fields, carbon steel pipe corrosion is common in the mining process, resulting in leakage accidents. Hilong’s pipeline internal coatings can help PDO significantly reduce procurement costs and maintenance costs while also increasing the safety and reliability of pipeline operations.


“At present, the TC3000C coating self-developed by Hilong is the only liquid coating of all PDO certified internal coatings, and Hilong is the only Chinese company to obtain such certification. We will take this as an opportunity to use our competitive advantages in coatings technology development and services to further expand internal coatings markets of Oman and surrounding GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, and to provide customers with more high-quality and professional services,” said General Manager Zhang Jinsheng.


About PDO
PDO is Oman’s largest oil and gas exploitation and production company, with annual production of 260 million barrels of crude oil, accounting for 70% of Oman’s national production and with 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas production yearly, accounting for nearly 100% of Oman’s national production.