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Hilong Pipeline Successfully Completes Algerian Sonatrach Project Pipe Anti-Corrosion Contract

Date:2017-03-13 | Read(1902)

(March 13, 2017, Shanghai) Recently, Hilong Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully completed the project pipe anti-corrosion contract of Algerian National Oil Company—Sonatrach, providing external anti-corrosion processing services for nearly 900 km of steel pipes to clients accumulatively.


This project is one of Hilong Pipe’s largest anti-corrosion projects in recent years since its contracting for construction, including three different specifications of 168.3 mm (6 inches), 219.1 mm (8 inches), and 508 mm (20 inches), with a total anti-corrosion area of 665,000 square meters. The project began last May with shipping completed by March 2 this year, receiving high praise from the on-site supervisor and owner.


Given outstanding project performance, Hilong won the project 610 mm (24 inches) anti-corrosion processing contract of Sonatrach again early this year, becoming one of Sonatrach’s main Chinese anti-corrosion suppliers, laying a foundation for Hilong’s successful entry into the Algerian market.


“Given our rich experience and professional competence accumulated in domestic large-scale pipe projects and overseas markets over the years, Hilong has successfully won many Sonatrach bids. The successful completion of this project and high praise from the owner mark a solid step forward for Hilong Pipe as it becomes an international well-known anti-corrosion enterprise,” proclaimed Xue Zhijun, Vice President of Hilong and General Manager of line pipe Technology and Services Business.