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Delegation Led by Shanghai Baoshan District Market Supervision Bureau Secretary Wang Cheng Inspects Hilong Quality Education Base

Date:2017-03-20 | Read(2170)

(March 20, 2017, Shanghai) On March 16, 2017, a delegation of 25 leaders led by Wang Cheng, party secretary and deputy director of Shanghai Baoshan District Market Supervision Bureau, arrived at Hilong Group’s “Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Quality Education Practice Base” for inspection and guidance. Hilong Group’s Executive President Wang Tao, Hilong Group Chief Engineer Xu Changxue, and staff from Shanghai Hilongthe Petrochemical Research Institute, Shanghai Hilong Tubular Goods Research Institute, Hilong Group Science and Technology Development Department and other relevant departments accompanied the inspection.


The Market Supervision Bureau delegation first visited the Hilong Group Industrial Exhibition Hall and Party Building Exhibition Hall; afterwards, both sides conducted a quality work exchange. Executive President Wang Tao reported to the delegation on the state of Hilong Group Quality Education Base’s activities and Hilong’s achievements over the last few years as well as measures and plans for further strengthening quality work. Lastly, the delegation observed Hilong Education Practice Base’s relevant drilling engineering, drilling tool quality, and energy security knowledge popularization courses.


Secretary Wang Cheng and Deputy Director Xing Xiaojin gave high praise for Hilong Group’s achievements in quality management, education base construction, brand building and other aspects and hoped that Hilong Group would persevere and continue with improvements, striving to achieve success in selection for the Second Shanghai Baoshan District Quality Award and create a more influential corporate brand.


Executive President Wang Tao remarked that: “qQuality is one of the important connotations of the Hilong brand. Hilong will continue to strengthen quality work and enhance brand value, while actively assuming more social responsibilities and striving to build a better quality education base.”


Since being successfully selected for the “Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Quality Education Social Practice Base” last September, Hilong Group has welcomed three groups of over 100 Shanghai middle school students in total, carrying out rich and vivid quality education activities.