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Delegation led by Shanghai Baoshan District Deputy Head Lv Ming Visits Hilong Group

Date:2017-04-05 | Read(2059)

(April 5, 2017, Shanghai) On March 30, 2017, a delegation led by Shanghai Baoshan District Deputy Head Lv Ming visited Hilong Group, to conduct on-site in-depth research on the counterpart contact enterprise—Hilong.


After touring the Hilong Exhibition Hall and Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd.’s production lines, the delegation led by Deputy District Head Lv Ming held a forum with the group’s senior executives. During the meeting, Group Executive President Wang Tao stressed Hilong’s development has encountered unprecedented challenges over the past two years due to the macroeconomic impact at home and abroad, especially constant low oil prices. However, with the government’s support and its long-term accumulation of brand advantages, technological innovation strength, and the efforts of a large number of dedicated Hilong people, Hilong has overcome its most difficult period, simultaneously developing both its domestic and international markets.


Executive President Wang said that “Hilong will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation and an international strategy as we press forward on the path to creating Hilong as a respected brand company.”


Deputy District Head Lv Ming made a speech at the meeting. He first affirmed Hilong’s efforts and achievements in the manufacturing industry, hoping that Hilong would continue to maintain its advantages and make greater contributions to Baoshan District, Shanghai. Meanwhile, he also conveyed the determination and policies that the Shanghai government will strongly support the traditional manufacturing industry while actively responding to the enterprise’s questions.