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Hilong Visits Pakistani Minister ofPetroleum Furthering Partnership with Pakistan

Date:2017-06-05 | Read(2215)

(June 5, 2017, Shanghai) Recently, WangTao, Hilong Executive President, led an official visit to Mr. ShahidKhaqanAbbasi, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources of Pakistan. Both parties furthered their friendly partnership and exchanged ideas. Among others, Mr. ZahidMuzaffar, Chairman of Oil & Gas Development Company, Pakistan (OGDCL) was in attendance.


During the meeting, President Wang introduced various business segments of Hilong, as well as business launches of Hilong Oil Service and Engineering Pakistan Ltd. (Private). Both parties engaged in a deeper level of talks on further cooperation.


Minister ShahidKhaqanAbbasi positively values the partnership, thanking and welcoming Hilong to participate in Pakistan's development of oil service and engineering business in various forms. He emphasized that they value the development of partnership with Hilong, and wish to strive together to enlarge and deepen the scope of the partnership.


"Since 2013 when Pakistan began its oil field technology services, backed up with the strong supportof Pakistangovernment, and based on Hilong's leading, top-notch oil field engineering and services, we have already developed widespread cooperation with Pakistan in the industry, establishing a profound cooperative relationship," remarked President Wang, "Hilong truly values developing partnership with Pakistan, and hopes to continue to expand and deepen objective cooperation for both parties."


During the Pakistan visit, Wang Tao stood in line with executives ofOGDCL, PPL, UEPL, MOL and other major Pakistani oil companies successively to launch amicable yet effective business talks. They each expressed definitive acknowledgment of Hilong's high-quality services and profound hopes for the future development of Hilong's integrated oil field services.

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources of Pakistan (Fifth from the left), Chairman of OGDCL Board(Fourth from the left) and Hilong Executive President (Third from the right)

Meeting at Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources of Pakistan