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Exchanges on Technological Innovation Conducted between Hilong and Shanghai Baoshan District Commission of Science and Technology

Date:2017-08-30 | Read(1562)

(August 30, 2017, Shanghai) Recently, Xu Changxue, Chief Engineer of Hilong led a technological team to visit Shanghai Baoshan District Commission of Science and Technology for exchanges on technological innovation and negotiation on technological cooperation. Director Kang Rui, Deputy Director Fang Tianming and Deputy Director Lv Yao of Baoshan District Commission of Science and Technology attended the meeting.


On the meeting, Chief Engineer Xu introduced Hilong’s major technological moves towards technological innovation, technology upgrade and development transformation. To be specific: Hilong encourages and motivates all staff to realize on-the-job innovation, strengthens the performance evaluation mechanism, and improves the incentive system to realize technology upgrade; increases scientific research input into major special projects in order to bring the role of professional research institutes and overseas R&D bases into full play, and make full use of domestic and foreign resources in a coordinated manner; realizes the high integration of power and responsibility of principal investigator, and the close connection of research process and industrialization of research results in the charge of principal investigator for lifelong, and makes assessment on R&D results, such as pipeline detection robot, security warning technology, anti-corrosion and connection technology of gathering and transportation pipelines on oilfield surface, green and environment-friendly new materials, and intelligent drilling rigs; and improves the technological contents by leveraging analysis software technology of big data, data collection and fine sensing technology, energy-saving, green and environment-friendly technology, as well as automatic control and information technology; fully mobilizes the domestic and foreign resource, conducts strategic cooperation and resource coordination with scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning; and promotes the technological advances through excellent talents, in an attempt to realize the upgrade and development transformation of industry.


Director Kang introduced the technology policy and industrial development implemented by Baoshan District Commission of Science and Technology to facilitate the technological innovation in the district. Director Kang held: “We will render great support to the technological research and development as well as the industrialization of Hilong, attract and serve more outstanding talents through special projects centered on talent development, encourage Hilong to research and develop graphene coatings on the Graphene Functional Platform, promote the technological innovation projects of military-civilian integration, help Hilong create a specialized incubator base for the technological industry to attract more hi-tech projects in Baoshan district to settle, give full play to Baoshan Confederation of Technological Enterprises, and conduct active cooperation with such resources as scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning. Focusing on major specialized projects, platform building, and development of service talents, as well as creation of the innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere, the commission will fully exert the service function of the government, vigorously promoting the technological enterprise development.”


Chief Engineer Xu stated: “Hilong has consistently adhered to the enterprise development strategy of technological innovation. Through the abundant exchange with the local commission, we have identified a much clearer direction of our technological work, and we will make constant efforts to achieve technological innovation and endeavor to make more breakthroughs!”


At last, the both sides expressed they would further strengthen information interaction, making their contributions to innovative development of Baoshan District.