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2017 Hilong Pipeline Coatings Once Again Finalist for CNPC’s No. 1 Energy Network

Date:2017-10-20 | Read(1169)

(October 20, 2017, Shanghai) Recently, a number of Hilong pipeline coatings have once again been selected for the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC’s) No. 1 Energy Network, and Hilong has once again received its grade A supplier qualification, meaning that Hilong possesses the qualifications to bid on 2018-2020 CNPC projects, laying a solid foundation for the next three years of development in the Chinese petroleum business.

In its bid for the “CNPC 2017 Fixed-Supplier Fixed-Price Centralized Procurement Process for Pipeline 3PE Anti-corrosive and Low-drag Interior Coatings,” four types of Hilong products took first or second place across a total of seven regions. These four products included polyethylene, polyethylene adhesives, room-temperature epoxy powder coating, and low-drag interior coating, while the seven regions involved were the Northwest, the North, the Southwest, East China, North China, Liaoning-Jilin, and Daqing. In all seven regions, the room-temperature epoxy powder coating took the first place.


“Hilong is the national leader in anti-corrosive materials and services, and has always been committed to building a top national brand. Our cooperation with CNPC began in 2004, and for the past ten years we have been CNPC’s leading supplier of 3PE anti-corrosive coatings,” said Hilong CEO Wang Tao: “Hilong has always adhered to the principle of continuous innovation, and has constantly released new series of coating products and worked hard to become preferred by users and respected in the industry for being a cooperative partner that provides the best solutions to its customers.”


“Receiving the grade A supplier qualification for the CNPC No. 1 Energy Network once again has laid the foundation for Hilong’s cooperation with CNPC for the next three years,” said Wang Tao, “Having been selected, Hilong’s sales market will be greatly expanded too.”