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Ecuadorian Oil Minister Carlos Perez Visits Hilong

Date:2017-12-08 | Read(1526)

(December 8, 2017, Shanghai) On December 7, Ecuadorian oil minister Carlos Perez and his entourage visited Hilong and exchanged views with Hilong executives.


Hilong has been operating in Ecuador since 2009 and currently has operations in Ecuador involving oilfield services technology, such as in drilling and workover. Not only has Hilong established good partnerships with oil and gas companies such as PAM, ANDES, RIONAPO, and SCHLUMBERGER, but it has also established long-term strategic communication and cooperation with Ecuador's Oil Ministry.


Minister Carlos Perez said: "I have always admired Hilong. This visit gives me a more detailed understanding of Hilong's technology and services, so I have greater confidence. I hope that the entire oil industry will be able to regain its vitality soon. We also look forward to Hilong's ability to develop more business in Ecuador, with more cooperation between the two sides. "


Minister Carlos Perez also shared some consensus reached at the OPEC meeting that he recently attended, noting that oil production and price will be in a sustained upward trend, putting the entire oil industry in a favorable situation.

Hilong CEO Wang Tao, Executive President of Hilong Group explained Hilong's overall situation to the minister and his delegation, saying: “In the face of the harsh market environment, Hilong has always insisted on technological innovation and internationalization and continues to carry out reforms and enhancements. Hilong's cooperation with the Ecuadorian government and its enterprises has been a success, and a pioneering one at that. We will continue our efforts to continue this paradigm of cooperation. "


Despite the slump in the oil and gas industry and market, Hilong has a pool of technology and talent that will play a positive role in the future, Mr. Wang emphasized.