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Serving Smart Pipelines and Smart Pipeline Networks, Promoting Pipeline Integrity and Reliability Management
Hilong Successfully Hosts the “Pipeline Integrity Technical Symposium”

Date:2017-12-18 | Read(1435)

(December 18, 2017, Shanghai) From December 15 to 16, 2017, under the guidance and leadership of the Shanghai Baoshan District Science and Technology Commission and the Baoshan District Science and Technology Association and with the efforts and assistance of the Shanghai Baoshan District Science and Technology Enterprise Confederation and the Shanghai Petroleum Tubing Engineering Technical Research Institute, the “Pipeline Integrity Technical Symposium” hosted by Hilong Group was successfully convened in Shanghai. More than 100 people were in attendance, including representatives from Baosteel Co., Ltd., West-East Gas Pipeline Company, and other relevant units from petroleum, petrochemicals, gas, municipal administration, new energy, and other industries, as well as experts and technicians from universities and research institutes, such as Fudan University, and Shanghai University.

Pipeline integrity and reliability management is an internationally widely recognized pipeline safety management model and a reliable guarantee for safe pipeline operations. This symposium aims to further promote the management of pipeline integrity and pipeline technology innovation through the exploration of smart pipelines, smart pipeline network technology, pipeline inspections, monitoring, and operation, maintenance and repair techniques, while further promoting the development of pipeline industry in Shanghai.


During the symposium, participating experts presented reports on such topics as “Pipeline Integrity and Reliability Technology”, “Smart Pipelines and Smart Pipeline Network Technology”, and “Pipeline Monitoring and Early Warning Technology”. Participants also held special seminars on “Application Technology for Pipeline Inspection Robots”, “Pipe Filling Material and Equipment Technology”, and “Pipeline Bimetal Composite Pipe Welding Technology”, etc. Demand units also held in-depth exchanges and discussions with the technical experts.

Lv Yao, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Baoshan District Science and Technology Commission and Vice Chairman of the Baoshan District Science and Technology Association fully recognized Hilong Group’s efforts and achievements in pipeline integrity technology, saying that: “Hilong Group is a major enterprise for science and technology in Shanghai’s Baoshan District. In pipeline integrity and smart pipeline technology, it continues to invest in research and development resources, and continuously attracts specialist teams from home and abroad, making major contributions with considerable effects. Science and Technology Association of Hilong Group has also given full play to its roles as both a bridge and a hub, bringing together people in science and technology, with outstanding achievements in promoting technological progress and technical innovation.”


Dai Daliang, Executive President of Hilong Group, said: “Hilong Group has adhered to the development strategy of scientific and technological innovation, continuously innovating focusing on two strategies of ‘customer needs’ and ‘technological leadership’. So far, Hilong has already launched hundreds of scientific achievements, and these technological innovations have helped Hilong Group establish a unique industrial chain and industrial advantages.” He noted that in the era of rapid development of big data, digitalization and informatization, and in the environment of continuous push for full digital transfer, full smart operations and full lifecycle management of pipelines, and comprehensive promotion of smart pipeline construction, this symposium could not have been hosted at a better time. He looks forward to holding in-depth discussions and exchanges with the participating experts and technicians on pipeline new technology applications and development, so as to jointly create a future for pipeline technology innovation and industrialization.


Participants benefited greatly from specialist interpretations of cutting-edge technology and experience shared by participating companies. Everyone agreed that they would work hard to build and operate smart pipelines based on smart testing, monitoring and early warning technology. They will continue to promote pipeline integrity and reliability management to ensure safe and efficient pipeline operations.