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Hilong Successfully Hosts “Oil and Gas Field Surface Technical Products Seminar”

Date:2017-12-29 | Read(1577)

(December 29, 2017, Shanghai) On December 26, 2017, under the guidance and leadership of the Shanghai Baoshan District Science and Technology Commission and the Baoshan District Science and Technology Association and with the efforts and assistance of the Shanghai Baoshan District Science and Technology Enterprise Confederation and the Shanghai Petroleum Tubing Engineering Technical Research Institute, the “Oil and Gas Field Surface Technical Products Seminar” and a series of academic conferences, hosted by Hilong, were successfully convened in Shanghai. More than 50 people were in attendance, including specialists and leaders from PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company, Changqing Oilfield, Sinopec Northwest Oilfield, Northwest Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute, Fudan University, and other relevant fields.

At the seminar, PetroChina Sichuan Kehong Oil and Natural Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. presented, in detail, an internal coating anti-corrosion field application test report on the Southern Sichuan Gas Mine Gas-Liquid Mixed Pipeline; technical experts from Hilong presented reports on such topics as “Internal Anti-Corrosion Special Liquid Coatings”, “Powder Coatings and Adhesives Technical Products”, “Pipeline Internal Coating Anti-Corrosion Coating Equipment and Technology”, and “Oil and Gas Field Gathering and Transportation Pipeline Internal Anti-Corrosion Product and Connection Construction Technology”, and so on, providing analysis and explanations for related domestic and international research, development and application. Participating leaders and experts raised many requests and suggestions combining actual oil and gas field situations. In-depth discussions were also held on such topics as the general state of oil and gas fields, the technical progress of surface gathering and transportation pipelines, coating technology, connection construction standards and on-site requirements.

“Hilong has long been committed to the research, development and application of internal anti-corrosion coatings, coating technology and equipment and pipeline connection technology for oil well pipes, drill pipes and gathering and transportation pipelines, making good use both at home and abroad, and winning us a good reputation,” said Hilong Chief Engineer Xu Changxue, adding that “this seminar focuses on solving bottlenecks in oil and gas field gathering and transportation technology to ensure safe and reliable pipeline operations and to provide the industry with advanced and practical technical product solutions.”

Cao Yuhong, Hilong’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oil Equipment Business, said that: “Hilong has established production bases in many oil and gas fields within China as well as in the United States, Canada, Russia, and other countries, meeting the ever-increasing demands for oilfield pipeline technology. Through these conferences, we hope to introduce the achievements of Hilong’s research and development over the years to leaders and specialists and hope that through more communication, Hilong can listen to the needs and suggestions of industry leaders and experts, to jointly promote the progress and development for oil and gas field pipelines”.