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Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd. Successfully Selected for the Shanghai Baoshan District Skilled Personnel Training “Double 100 Plan”

Date:2018-01-10 | Read(2377)

(January 10, 2018, Shanghai) Recently, the skills team of Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd. was successfully selected for establishment project list for the Shanghai Baoshan District Skilled Personnel Training “Double 100 Plan”. This is another honor that Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd. has gained in the past two years since it won the honorary titles of Shanghai Baoshan District Mayor Quality Award and Lv Chengjian Shanghai Technician Innovation Studio.


The Shanghai Baoshan District “Double 100 Plan” is a skilled personnel training plan implemented within the district by the Baoshan District Government across three phases from 2015 to 2020. By training and providing assistance to 100 outstanding skills teams and 100 chief skilled personnel, the plan aims to give play to the leadership role of these high-skilled personnel and teams in the hopes of forming a systematic environment and social atmosphere conducive to the growth of skilled personnel of enterprise in the district, while promoting the comprehensive skills and technological innovation and development of local enterprises. Each phase will last for two years, covering three stages of establishment, follow-up and incubation, and finally evaluation of outcomes.


In 2017-2018, the “Double 100 Plan” will select and assist 35 outstanding skills teams and 35 chief skilled personnelskilled professionals who have made breakthroughs in Baoshan District in the fields of scientific innovation, technological research, and skills training. Lv Chengjian Skills Team from Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd. was selected for outstanding achievements in energy savings and emission reduction, equipment function upgrades, and improvements to automation.


“Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd. continues to be awarded honors, proving that the company has achieved terrific achievements in quality control, skills training, and skills team building,” said General Manager Qiao Xiaotang of Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd., noting that “these honors have been won by Shanghai Hilong Drill Pipe Co., Ltd. through great efforts in the face of strong industry competition, rising raw material prices, and the long-term downturn in international oil prices. This has been a microcosm of the company's insistence upon technological management, the pursuit of quality improvements, a focus on skilled personnel training, and our strengthening of team building and other such aspects.”


Hilong Human Resources Director of Hilong Group Li Shenghong said: “Hilong Group insists on the concept of technological innovation in the development of skilled personnel and team building as it continuously improves career development to establish and implement skills incentives, selection, and training mechanisms while further promoting upgrades for products and services and continued technological and process innovation.”