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Hilong Successfully Develops New Ultra-Large NozzleID HLSD48 Drill Pipe Product

Date:2018-03-02 | Read(2397)

(March 2, 2018, Shanghai) Recently, Hilong successfully developed the new ultra-large IDnozzle special-purpose HLSD48 drill pipe product. The product has been approved by Canada’s Baker Hughes, and related product orders of the company have been successfully obtained.


Compared to the conventional API drill pipe, Hilong’s new ultra-large IDnozzle HLSD48 product uses a special internal flat structure design, and the drill pipe jointfitting adopts a double-shoulder taper structure with small thread taper and small thread height to meet the demand for ultra-large IDnozzles while featuring with quick makeupbuckling. This product’s successful design and development satisfies the demand for special coring operations.


“Hilong has always been committed to its development strategy of technological innovation and has always focused on its clients as it constantly develops new products and quickly brings them to the market to meet market demands,” said Cao Yuhong, Hilong’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oilfield Equipment DivisionBusiness, adding that “the successful development and application of Hilong’s new HLSD products is yet another testament to Hilong’s solid technical reserves and a research and development team that is keen on the market and able to meet clients’ needs. That is how Hilong has been able to constantly innovate its products and services and maintain its core competitive advantages.”