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Hilong Actively Promoting Innovation-Driven Development Strategy, Comprehensively Implementing Scientific and Technological Innovation Work

Date:2018-03-29 | Read(2597)

(March 29, 2018, Shanghai) To implement the annual scientific and technological innovation task indicators and comprehensively promote Hilong’s technological upgrade and transformative development, on March 22, the Hilong Group Sci-technology Work Meeting and Specialists Forum convened at the group headquarters in Shanghai. As part of the series of work under the Hilong 2018 Year of Science and Technology, this joint meeting was aimed to further implement the Group’s management requirements under the Year of Science and Technology, to comprehensively implement the “market-oriented scientific research and innovation-driven development” strategy, and to study and deploy the specific work of scientific and technological innovation for 2018. Hilong Group of Companies Chief Engineer Xu Changxue presided over the meeting.


At the sci-technology working conference, Group HumanResources Director Li Shenghong explained the details of the recent notice on establishing and improving technical departments with clear labor and assessment requirements.Unit leaders in charge of science and technology workheld a detailed discussion on their respective science and technology arrangements, their implementation of proposed projects, and their outcomes. The Group's Science and Technology Development Department also announced the requirements for scientific research projects establishment and government projects application.


At the specialists’ forum, over 30 specialists and frontline researchers from Hilong Businesses, professional companies, and research institutes actively spoke up and gave their opinions. Participants lively discussed and debated on such topics as the development direction and market analysis of Hilong’s industrial innovation, the relationship between new/old kinetic energy conversion and their effects on Hilong’s development, Hilong’s management and implementation of scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological institution building and incentive measures, specialist team and technical team building, Hilong internal scientific research resource sharing and scientific research platform building, coordination across production, learning, research, and utilization, and the promotion of new products and new technology applications.


“The implementation and transformation of scientific and technological outcomes depends on Hilong’s specialists and scientific and technical workers,” stressed Chief Engineer Xu Changxue, urging that “focus on scientific and technological innovation and emphasis on talent are the driving force behind Hilong’s development; from this day forward, we will continue to promote talent development mechanisms from three aspects such as talent utilization, cultivation, and introduction, and to greatly enhance the technical content of Hilong products and services with talent-driven innovation.”