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Hilong Was Awarded PPL CRA Lined Steel Pipe Contract, Joining Hands with NORINCO Vehicle

Date:2018-04-10 | Read(2509)

(April 10, 2018, Shanghai) Recently, Shanghai Hilong CRA Lined Steel Pipe Manufacture Co., Ltd. signed a subcontract with China North Vehicle Corporation Ltd., and successfully obtained an NASR X-1 well CRA lined steel pipe order from Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL).


Based on the contract, Hilong CRA Lined Steel Pipe Manufacture will provide a total of 11.5 kilometers of DN250*(9.27+3) material X80+LC2205 CRA lined steel pipes with production and delivery conditions completed by July 30, 2018.


Pakistan’s oil and gas wells contain high concentration of carbon dioxide, such that pipelines must have strong corrosion resistance. In 2017, Hilong provided PPL a batch of CRA lined steel pipes with the same materials and similar specifications, and these products are already in operation. 


“With Hilong yet again obtaining PPL bimetallic composite pipe order, this marks the steady expansion of Hilong bimetallic composite pipe products into overseas markets and indicates that Hilong’s product quality and services have won PPL’s recognition; we have tremendous potential for marketing efforts in the Pakistani petroleum industry,” declared Xue Zhijun, Hilong Vice President and General Manager of Pipeline Technology and Services Business.


He stressed that Hilong has obtained an absolute market position for the export of large quantities of lining 2205 material bimetallic composite pipes in recent years. This advantage has far-reaching significance for the establishment of the Hilong composite pipe brand in the international market.