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Hilong Group recognized as “Shanghai Public Welfare Base”

Date:2018-06-05 | Read(8644)

(June 5th, 2018, Shanghai) Recently, Hilong Group was officially recognized as Shanghai No. 901 “Shanghai Public Welfare Base”. It is one of the 154 organizations that have been recognized among the first batch of such organizations in Baoshan District, Shanghai.

“Shanghai Public Welfare Base” is a platform to support and provide services related to charitable donations, voluntary services and other public welfare activities. It is a development plan to create a public welfare base for ten thousand families initiated by Shanghai city to enrich the connotations of public welfare in the city, provide an improved public service system, and promote convenient and standardized public services.

In October 2017, Hilong Group submitted application materials to be recognized as such, and actively participated in developing a public welfare base. In May 2018, the Group was officially approved and recognized as a “Shanghai Public Welfare Base”.

“Hilong has been committed to become a respected world-leading supplier in the oilfield equipment and service industry. We will continue to actively develop various public welfare activities through the ‘Shanghai Public Welfare Base’ platform, and will provide public services for our company’s employees, as well as for neighboring enterprises and residents. The services we provide will reflect the social responsibility and value of our enterprise, and we will contribute our share to rapidly and better shape Shanghai into a human-centric city and a city of public welfare”, said Gao Zhihai, the head of Hilong Group Party Committee.

Since its establishment, Hilong Group has been eagerly involved in social public welfare. We have established a foundation for poverty alleviation to support senior high school students and university students coming from poor families, built a pairing and assistance-based relationship program for surrounding residents who are in poverty, regularly visit and support the elderly living on their own, raised donations for Wenchuan, Yushu and other disaster-stricken areas, and have built a quality education social practice base for Shanghai’s elementary and secondary schools, as well as conducted several other public welfare activities.