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“Hilong 106” successfully delivered to the BP Tangguh project on a lease basis

Date:2018-06-04 | Read(687)

(June 4th, 2018, Shanghai) Recently, the Hilong 106 derrick boat was officially delivered to BP Amoco for use in a complete state in Karimun, Indonesia, after the approval and receipt by the charterer, P.T. Saipem Indonesia.

This is a successful implementation of the project, based on the preliminary agreement that was signed between Hilong Marine Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited and P.T. Saipem Indonesia at the end of 2016. The Hilong 106 will be operating in the offshore Tangguh Oilfield in Papua, Indonesia. The specific work includes the installation of two platforms, platform jackets, and subsequent laying of submarine pipelines. The charter period is more than 7 months.

“To ensure successful delivery, Hilong Marine Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited did a lot of preparatory work and maintained good communication channels with the charterer and the offshore oilfield developer, to promptly deal with extremely high requirements for hoisting, remote construction site and other factors”, said Xiao Long, Vice President of Hilong Group and General Manager of Hilong Marine Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited, “at the same time, the requirements for zero casualties, environmental safety and equipment damage brought up by the charter party, P.T. Saipem Indonesia and the oilfield developer BP Amoco matched the concept of ‘Safety First’ of Hilong Marine Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited. The project team strived to focus on prevention, and strictly implemented safety awareness, safety management and risk control in every detail.”

“I believe that through the implementation of this project, and by experiencing and learning about the high standards and requirements of international offshore engineering, Hilong Marine Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited will step onto a new stage in terms of ship management and establish even better internal standards and systems.” said Xiao Long.