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Hilong Group Wins Honorary Title “Baoshan District Industrial Internet Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”

Date:2018-11-19 | Read(1328)

(November 19th, 2018, Shanghai) Recently, the 2018 (Fifth) China Industrial Internet Summit Forum jointly sponsored by Internet Society of China and Shanghai Baoshan District Government was successfully held in Baoshan, Shanghai. During the forum, Hilong Group won the honorary title—“Baoshan District Industrial Internet Innovation Demonstration Enterprise.”

There are long-standing problems in the traditional petrochemical industry such as isolated enterprise information silos, decentralized enterprise data, inconsistent interconnection standards, etc. The use of information technology to resolve these problems would generate significant economic value. As a high-end service enterprise in the petrochemical industry, Hilong places a lot of impetus on information technology-based services and product development, and considers it a major enterprise development direction.By comprehensively strengthening its expert IT team, and focused investment in industrial safety, industrial internet and industrial intelligence-related technologies and products, the company has developed multiple products, including safety early warning and monitoring systems, in-pipe detection tools, inner joint coating robots, etc., that are used in multiple scenarios such as petrochemical exploration, storage, transportation and refining.

At the same time, Hilong is also expanding its cooperation with leading organizations in the industry and building a scientific research community by leveraging external talents, and scientific and technological resources. Currently, Hilong has established long-term strategic cooperation relationships with many colleges, universities and institutes such as Chinese Academy of Science. By using project cooperation as the entry point, the company has established a forward-looking scientific research and development structure for upgrading industrial internet information technology, and has had substantial success. 

“Hilong has always adhered to the strategy of driving scientific and technological innovation. With the support and recognition from the government and the industry, Hilong plans to invest more and leverage its technological innovation advantages to cooperate with internet technology enterprises, and jointly contribute to developing Baoshan into China’s industrial internet innovation demonstration area”, said Xu Changxue, Hilong Chief Engineer.