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Launch Village-Enterprise Partner Assistance Program—Promote targeted poverty alleviation
Hilong Group signed Partner Assistance agreement with three impoverished villages in Karghalik

Date:2019-05-21 | Read(991)

(17th May, 2019, Shanghai) On 10th May, Hilong Group signed a Partner Assistance agreement with three impoverished villages in Karghalik, Xinjiang, to provide them targeted assistance and help them get rid of poverty. The agreement was signed by Mr. Wang Tao, CEO of Hilong Group, and the Party and Government Delegation of Baoshan District, Shanghai, at the High-Level Joint Conference of Baoshan-Karghalik Partner Assistance. 

Assistance Agreement signing site

Hilong Group CEO Mr. Wang Tao (right) and representative of Karghalik impoverished villages

According to the agreement, Hilong Group will assist three impoverished villages of Karghalik—Boxireke Ourang, Qiasimiqiti Wahepa, and Tuguqi Sugaite Airike, and will take specific measures based on four aspects, i.e., project development promotion, agricultural product sales, improving people's livelihood and providing intellectual support for targeted assistance. At the signing ceremony, Hilong group donated the assistance funds to the three villages.


Mr. Wang Tao commented on the signing of the agreement, "The signing of the targeted poverty alleviation cooperation agreement is not only an important measure for Hilong Group to fulfill its social responsibility, but also another important initiative to continuously contribute to society and demonstrate excellence as a corporate citizen. Hilong Group will facilitate the development and implementation of the Village-Enterprise Partner Assistance program, and realize precise matching of Hilong's capabilities to the needs of the impoverished villages, so as to continuously promote the development of these three impoverished villages. "


Hilong Group has been undertaking various initiatives to promote social poverty alleviation and public welfare. In 2018, it was awarded the "Shanghai Public Welfare Base" title, which has helped further promote Hilong’s public welfare activities. The Party Committee of Hilong Group has been conducting activities such as "Respect and help the elderly", and has partnered with communities to help the lonely and disabled elderly people. In October 2018, Hilong Group signed a Village-Enterprise One-to-One Partner Assistance agreement with Yangjia Village, Huangcao Village and Shuimo Village in Daqiao Town, Huize County, Yunnan Province.

Ms. Wang Hong, Secretary of Baoshan District, Shanghai (center) and Mr. Wang Tao, CEO of Hilong Group visited the site of Hongshan Oilfield in Karamay, accompanied by Mr. Zhao Wenquan, Municipal Party Secretary of Karamay (second from left), Mayor Wang Gang (first from left) and Mr. Yuan Gang (first from right), Vice Secretary of Municipal Committee