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Hilong Group successfully holds Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Drill in Baoshan District, Shanghai

Date:2019-07-03 | Read(883)


 (June 28th, 2019, Shanghai) On the morning of June 26th, the 2019 Hazardous Chemical Spill Emergency Handling Drill was held at Hilong Group in Baoshan Industrial Park. Over 200 people participated in the exercise, including Chen Yunbin, Deputy Head of Baoshan District, leaders of Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau, Baoshan District Emergency Management Bureau, Baoshan Industrial Park and Baoshan District Safety Production Committee, and representatives of other enterprises. Wang Tao, the CEO of Hilong Group gave a speech on behalf of Hilong, at the site.


The scenario for this drill was that there was a leakage in a Class A liquid tank pipeline at Hilong’s factory. A failure in the repair work led to a fire, which gradually spread and got out of control. Some people were also injured, and the emergency plan was initiated. The evacuation warning group, the material guarantee group, the liaison group, the equipment guarantee group and the environment inspection group immediately set about implementing the emergency plan. Fire and medical workers put out the fire, rescued the trapped personnel, treated the wounded and put in efforts to stop the leakage. As the fire at the site gradually increased, the government’s fire rescue team had to be deployed to put out the fire. Subsequently, 110 and 119 emergency response teams of Baoshan District provided additional rescue support onsite, and finally managed to control the fire. The overall exercise lasted for around 15 minutes, and was conducted smoothly. The different groups performed well and successfully finished their different tasks during the drill.



After the drill was completed, Deputy Head of Baoshan District Chen Yunbin, applauded the drill performance, and emphasized on the following: First of all, it is important to realize the importance of the emergency management work, regularly revise and improve the emergency rescue plan, enhance the pertinence and scientific nature of the plan, strengthen the emergency rescue teams and the overall emergency rescue capacity of the rescue team. Secondly, it is necessary to provide emergency response publicity and education, widely publicize emergency rescue knowledge and strengthen emergency management training and education of employees. Thirdly, it is vital to comprehensively improve the emergency rescue level, further strengthen the cooperation among the units participating in the drill, the district departments and the district units, strengthen the joint rescue ability of teams, and improve the emergency response capability for accidents.


 “Hilong Group was selected as the organizer of this emergency drill, which is indicative of the trust Baoshan District Emergency Management Bureau has in Hilong, and its encouragement of the safety work conducted by Hilong”, said Wang Tao from Hilong Group, “At the same time, this emergency rescue drill not only further strengthened the safety prevention awareness of Hilong employees, but also increased their rapid response and rescue capability in case of any emergency or accident.”


Representatives of various enterprises in Baoshan District said that they will apply the good practices and methods of this drill in their respective companies, so as to enhance the emergency rescue capability of dangerous chemical enterprises.


Hilong attaches great importance to safety work and focuses on the “zero accident, zero injury and zero pollution” safe production approach. Hilong has set up an HSE committee to strictly implement a safety production responsibility system and places emphasis on establishing an appropriate safety team. The company has around 30 on-the-job registered safety engineers.