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Chen Yaoshui, Deputy Head of Baoshan District, Shanghai City, visits Hilong Russian Region

Date:2019-08-22 | Read(774)

(Shanghai, August 16th, 2019) On August 8th, 2019, Chen Yaoshui, Deputy Head of Baoshan District, Shanghai City, visited Hilong Russian Region to learn more about Hilong’s Russian operations. 

After visiting the company and viewing the products, Deputy Head Chen Yaoshui and his delegation held a discussion with representatives of Hilong Russian Region. In the meeting, Liang Kewei, Deputy General Manager of Hilong Russian Region, introduced Hilong’s current operations in Russia and the CIS, including market development of its petroleum drilling tools, petroleum pipeline coatings and other products, cooperation with various petroleum drilling companies, market potential of OCTG pipe and other products, etc. He further highlighted the role of Hilong’s independent technology innovation capability and corporate brand building efforts in promoting business development.

Deputy Head Chen Yaoshui highly appreciated Hilong’s development in the Russian market. He stated, “As an enterprise based on Baoshan, Hilong integrates research and development and manufacture of high-end petroleum equipment, actively participates in various construction activities in Baoshan Industrial Park and endeavors to assume social responsibility. It is a role model among Baoshan enterprises. At the same time, Hilong has managed to achieve what it has today by going overseas, exploring potential markets, and investing accurately. It is a company that the people of Baoshan are proud of and applaud. 

He said that since the country strongly supports the development and growth of enterprises with independent technology research and development capabilities, Baoshan District Government will give Hilong full support in terms of introducing professional talents, environmental protection, project establishment and other aspects, and coordinate more resources to help Hilong grow bigger and stronger.