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Climbing the peak and creating a new record in Oman
Hilong Oil Service HL-59 achieved upright rig move for the first time

Date:2019-10-23 | Read(764)

(October 17th, 2019, Shanghai)After careful preparations and planning, on October 10th, 2019, the HL-59 rig of Hilong Oil Service, became the first well rig in the history of Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO) to realize fast overall upright move with the base and the derrick together. The entire upright rig move process took 3.16 days, wherein the main part (including the derrick and the base) took only 1 hour and 15 minutes, setting the record for the shortest move time in the history of PDO.


This upright rig-move was 3.34 days faster than normal derrick and base split-based move. The entire rig overcame several difficulties including lack of experience in handling such a move, a maximum gradient of 1.9 degrees and 90° and 120° turns during the move. The final result was highly appreciated by PDO and was showcased at the contractor's meeting.


“Since spud in October 2018, as one of the world's most advanced off-shore  rigs with the highest degree of automation and rapid move process, Hilong Oil Services' HL-59 has always been the industry benchmark and has set new records in the Middle East.” Wang Dan, General Manager of Hilong Oil Service Oman Co., Ltd. said: "The success of the HL-59 rig's upright move operation has not only set a new record, but also set a new benchmark for other well rigs of Hilong Oil Service. It not only provides us experience for implementing even greater upright moves, but also promotes further deepening and breakthroughs in the Middle East market for Hilong Oil Service in the future."


In order to ensure safe and efficient rig-move operations and to strive to shorten the moving time, Hilong Oil Service Oman Co., Ltd. developed a move plan, identified the move risk and analyzed the control measures one month in advance, and discussed as well as demonstrated the same to the PDO operation department several times. Subsequently, the company also visited the site to review and reevaluate the road conditions for the move. Finally, it was concluded that the site conditions met the design requirements and it was decided to implement the upright move of the base and the derrick.