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Hilong’s “Hilong 106” CNPC Bangladesh Project enters implementation stage

Date:2019-11-21 | Read(1015)

(November 13th, 2019, Shanghai) After nearly two months of extensive and meticulous engineering preparations, Hilong Marine Engineering Company Limited's Derik laybarge "Hilong 106" officially set sail from Pasir Gudang,Johor Bahru, Malaysia on November 9th, 2019. This marks China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau’s (CPP) Bangladesh single-point and double-pipeline offshore construction project undertaken by“Hilong 106”, entering the implementation stage.


The Derik laybarge "Hilong 106" will commence operations in Bangladesh on or about November 30th.



Before the sailing ceremony, Hilong Group CEO Wang Tao and the management team of Hilong Marine Engineering Company Limited participated in the kick-off meeting. Wang Tao encouraged all project team members to carry forward the spirit of unity and hard work, and complete the project with quality in a safe and efficient manner, and ensure we meet the deadline.



He further stressed, "CPP’s Bangladesh single-point and double-pipeline project is the most complicated overseas construction project undertaken by “Hilong106”, and is of great significance for the company to expand into the international market. I believe that we will continue to uphold our professional and dedicated spirit as well as maintain a highly responsible attitude to provide customers with safe and high quality services."


The CPP project representatives also visited the site, reviewed the preparations and participated in the sailing ceremony.


Installation of single-point Mooring (SPM) with double pipe line project is located in the eastern part of the Bangladesh Bay,. The end client is Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation(BPC), which is affiliated to Eastern Refinery Ltd. (ERL).