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Party and government delegation from Karamay City visit Hilong

Date:2019-11-25 | Read(675)

(November 21st, 2019, Shanghai) On November 16th, 2019, Mr. Wang Gang, Mayor and Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Karamay City, Xinjiang, and the Party and government delegation of Karamay City visited Hilong Group headquarters in Shanghai, and were greeted by Mr. Wang Tao, CEO of Hilong Group, and Mr. Dai Daliang, Executive President of the company.


Accompanied by Mr. Wang Tao and Mr. Dai Daliang, Mayor Wang Gang and the other delegates first visited the exhibition hall of Hilong Group’s headquarters, and then had a discussion with the high-level members of the Group. At the meeting, Mr. Dai introduced Hilong’s business development and achievements in recent years in terms of the main business, core development strategy and Party building status, and emphasized on the core development strategy concept and results of Hilong's technological innovation, internationalization and talent development.


After listening to the briefing, Mayor Wang Gang spoke highly of Hilong Group’s development model, product technology and team capability. He said that in less than 20 years since its inception, Hilong has witnessed strong momentum with diversified business and integration of the entire industry chain, rapid internationalization and has made tremendous achievements in the five major industry sectors. These achievements are remarkable and the spirit of active exploration and development is worth learning.


Mayor Wang Gang emphasized that as one of the important cities on the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Karamay has distinct resource, location and industry advantages. At present, China has proposed a “Seven-year Plan” to increase the exploration and development of domestic oil and gas fields, and Karamay will be one of the main development sites. He hoped that Hilong will turn its eyes towards Karamay and share Hilong’s development achievements in technology and innovation, and play a leading role in demonstrating the value of Karamay to more enterprises interested in investing in Karamay. 


Mr. Wang Tao expressed his hope that both sides will further strengthen cooperation, complement each other's advantages and jointly promote economic development in our country’s western regions.