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Love Supports Life | A Hilong Employee Successfully Donated Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Date:2020-06-03 | Read(927)

(May 27th, 2020, Shanghai) Recently, Xie Xiaowen, a young employee of Hilong Group, successfully donated hematopoietic stem cells at Shanghai General Hospital, bringing hope of life to a patient with hematological disease, and in doing so, became the 495th unrelated and unpaid donor of hematopoietic stem cells in Shanghai.

Xie Xiaowen joined Hilong in 2019 as a mechanical engineer at Hilong  Petroleum Tubular Goods Research Institute . He was a college student in 2008 when he joined the Chinese Bone Marrow Bank during a blood donation camp for college students and became a volunteer donor of hematopoietic stem cells. In December 2019, when an employee of the Shanghai Red Cross called him and said that his blood successfully matched that of a patient with a hematological disease, he immediately agreed to donate his hematopoietic stem cells. "It was for this very moment that I joined the Bone Marrow Bank. My original intention has not changed." said Xie Xiaowen.

The process of donating hematopoietic stem cells is complicated and rigorous. Since mid-January of this year, Xie Xiaowen underwent blood sampling for matching test and reconfirmation, physical examination, several blood tests, and a 5-day drug injection course. Xie Xiaowen finally managed to donate his stem cells. He was accompanied by the staff of Shanghai Red Cross and the employees of the Party Committee and Trade Union of Hilong Group, who were there to provide him moral support.

"What Xie Xiaowen did for the benefit of society was out of a sense of social responsibility and also a duty of the youth. Hilong is proud to have such an outstanding employee who is compassionate and has remained true to his original self." According to Gao Zhihai, Party Secretary and Trade Union Chairman of Hilong Group, "Over the years, Hilong has taken various measures to shoulder social responsibilities and promote the development of public welfare undertakings, and has been continuously encouraging and advocating employees to carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication and the courage to take responsibility. Several Hilong employees participate in voluntary blood donation every year and have signed on to become bone marrow donation volunteers."