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Construction work and submarine pipe laying completed ahead of schedule for the Hilong Offshore Engineering Bangladesh Project in the first dry season

Date:2020-06-10 | Read(236)

(June 5th, 2020, Shanghai) In the early morning of May 4th, 2020, the safe mud landing of the last 36-inch subsea pipe head marked the completion of the single point mooring and dual-pipeline 135-km-long submarine pipeline laying project of PetroChina Bangladesh, undertaken by Hilong Marine Engineering Company  . All key parts of the project have been successfully completed. Hilong Offshore Engineering advanced the construction completion date by one dry season (about 8 months), demonstrating the power of "China Efficiency" in the development of Hilong’s overseas market expansion. At the same time, the early completion opened the valuable ship schedule for the HILONG106 pipe laying crane vessel.


During the project’s submarine pipe-laying construction work, Hilong Offshore Engineering broke a few records such as the laying of a maximum of 3.2 kilometers of 18-inch cement counterweight pipes and 21 kilometers of continuous welding without re-welding joints, in a single day. The overall welding qualification rate of the 135-kilometer-long pipeline is as high as 99.73%. Through an initiative to enhance quality and increase efficiency, Hilong Offshore Engineering completed the project ahead of schedule within half of the planned time, creating a new record of 1.26 million person hours with zero safety incidents in a single project.


"Facing a shortage of local resources in Bangladesh, the severe global pandemic situation, the difficult shift work, the heavy sea traffic in the construction area, and the complex situation of the underwater seabed, Hilong Offshore Engineering made every effort to overcome these difficulties while strictly adhering to epidemic prevention measures. It successfully achieved the goal by placing equal emphasis on the battle against the epidemic and the construction efforts," said Mr. Wang Tao, CEO of Hilong Group.


Mr. Wang Tao said that not only where the pipeline owners and supervisors highly satisfied with the management ability, technical strength, construction quality, work efficiency and professionalism of Hilong Offshore Engineering, but also the Bangladesh Ministry of Energy and Mining and the mainstream media were effusive in their praise of Hilong Offshore  Engineering.


Hilong Offshore  Engineering is all set to complete the remaining offshore work of the project by May 2021.


The Bangladesh single-point mooring and dual pipeline project is in the sea area of Chittagong, in Bangladesh. It is a “Belt and Road” construction project signed between China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. and Oil Bangladesh Ltd. Hilong Offshore Engineering is responsible for the laying of some offshore pipelines, as well as engineering services such as pre-pipeline routing and geological survey, seabed preparation, submarine pipelines laying, trenching, and backfilling. This project entered the implementation phase in November last year, and has been the most complicated overseas construction project undertaken by Hilong Offshore Engineering.