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Hilong Orenburg coating factory achieves 1 million meters output in the first five months of 2020

Date:2020-06-16 | Read(1097)

 (June 11th, 2020 – Shanghai) With the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly spreading in Russia, Hilong's newly-established Orenburg coating factory placed equal emphasis on epidemic prevention and production activities this year. By the end of May, the cumulative OCTG inner coating output had surpassed 1 million meters, with output exceeding 250,000 meters in May. Hilong Orenburg coating factory has now reached a mature production stage.


 Hilong Orenburg factory is the third coating factory of  Hilong  in Russia after Hilong  Ekaterinburg  and Hilong  Surgut . Trial production at this factory commenced in March of last year. This year, the Orenburg factory has received a large number of orders and has abundant production material stock, and its personnel capacity has increasingly improved and become more stable. 

On March 30th, in response to the local government's request for production suspension and home isolation in the Orenburg region, the Orenburg factory formulated several epidemic prevention and control measures, to obtain permission for resumption of work and production. At the same time, it organized Chinese employees to continue with the production activities while remaining isolated in the factory. The permit for resumption of work was approved on April 6th, and the Orenburg factory officially resumed full production on April 7th. On April 17th, 100 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the Orenburg region. Keeping the increasing cases in mind the Orenburg factory enhanced epidemic prevention measures, thereby ensuring no employee was infected while normal production activities continued in the factory. 

 At the end of April, the cumulative output at the Orenburg factory had reached 755,000 meters, surpassing the output of 722,000 meters in 2019.

About Hilong Orenburg Factory

 Hilong Orenburg factory is located at the southernmost end of the Hilong Greater Russia Region, from north to south, and caters to Rosneft Oil Company, Gazprom and Tatneft within the Orenburg region. It also caters to the Kazakhstan market and is the first factory that has integrated both, an inner coating production line as well as production and testing capabilities in Hilong Greater Russia Region. The  main services and products of Hilong Orenburg include OCTG liquid inner coating and OCTG powder inner coating, with a designed inner coating production capacity of 2.4 million meters per year.